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Introducing Mindwarp, the new way to obtain highly discounted daily deals on products and services from local businesses. Mindwarp.com was recently launched in key cities around the country and is rapidly expanding to bring local discounts and coupons to your web browser. 
Mindwarp is not any online coupon site. Mindwarp provides significant discounts like you may see with programs such as Groupon or Living Social. Unlike some coupon sites with just everyday discounts you can clip you’re your paper or get in a Val-Pak envelope, Mindwarp offers are often BOGO (Buy One Get One FREE), or other heavily discounted coupons.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


 How can Mindwarp offer better deals than other online coupon sites? 

Most small businesses have slow times when they are willing to give heavy discounts to bring customers in, or to fill open appointment time slots they need to fill, or to sell extra products they want to liquidate quickly.

How is Mindwarp different than coupon sites like ValPak?  

Most coupon sites simply duplicate the same offers they send to your home in their envelope or flyer. These coupons are valid for 30 days or more. Mindwarp offers are often posted for just a few days and provide huge discounts if you check daily for these special offers

How is Mindwarp different than group buying programs like Groupon or Living Social?  

With Mindwarp you don’t have to pay anything up front. There are no vouchers or gift certificates to purchase, there is no login or credit card information required – simply enter your city, find an offer and start saving money.
What types of coupons and discounts does Mindwarp offer?
We post local coupons such as: Restaurant coupons, Fast Food coupons, Fine Dining coupons, Pizza Coupons, Auto Coupons, Tanning Coupons, Massage Coupons, Cleaners Coupons, Haircut Coupons, Tire Coupons, Oil Change Coupons, Car Wash coupons, and many more discounts and coupons for professional services such as chiropractors, dentists, home repair, home maintenance, etc.

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I Saver is an exciting new feature that allows you to receive email notifications when your favorite product or service is posted in your local area. Instead of logging on to Mindwarp every day to see if your favorite product is available, Mindwarp will notify you so you can be sure not to miss out when a discount for your desired product or service is posted.

This service is optional and we don’t use your email for any other purpose except to send you the offers based on your selections. You can update your keywords or cancel at any time.
Enter a one word description of the product or service you are looking for.
Examples: chiropractor, oil change, pizza…
Why do you need a password?

You only need a password if you want to take advantage of our I-Saver email opt-in program where we email you offers based on your interests. When you submit your keywords to us, we will set up a user profile based on those keywords. As your interests change, you can log in to your profile and change your keywords. To ensure your privacy we require a password. You will use your email address as your username.