Why Advertise on Mindwarp?


At Mindwarp we understand that as a small business you have to work within a limited advertising budget and make every dollar count. Not only is there the cost of advertising, but also the cost in the discount you are giving as an incentive for someone to come into your business. That's why we developed Mindwarp.com as a tool for advertisers to better control and target their discounts.

With Mindwarp you can publish discounts on products or services to run during your slow times, when you need more business and not during times when you don't need to discount. Unlike traditional adversting, with Mindwarp you have Real Time control to start, modify or halt an ad campaign at any time or schedule it so start and stop at specific days and times.


Mindwarp Offers On Off

Mindwarp puts you back in control of your advertising!



Does internet coupon advertising work?

Millions of consumers search for coupons via the internet every month. Often times printed coupons are misplaced and the convenience of looking up a coupon from a computer or laptop makes it a popular venue for finding local coupons and ads.

Internet marketing just doesn’t work for us, we put a coupon on our website and we didn’t get any response.

Placing an ad on your website is like running a coupon in a newspaper somewhere out in the desert. You have to advertise your address for people to find you and if you are going to spend thousands of dollars to let everyone in town know you have a coupon on your website, you might as well print the coupon. With Mindwarp, we advertise your coupon to millions of consumers every week by having our ads, pointing to our web address, handed to shoppers at thousands of retail stores across the US. When they see our ad and login to Mindwarp, they find the local businesses in their area and easily find your coupon. For a couple of bucks a day, you can literally reach thousands of people in your local area.

How is advertising on Mindwarp different than advertising with Groupon or Living Social?

When you advertise with Living Social or Groupon  you have no upfront cost, but when the vouchers are sold, you have to give ½ of your revenue to the marketing company. If you give the consumer 50% off and split  then split the 50% with Groupon, you will only be making 25% of the normal price which is often less than your costs for the product or service. Also, with groupon Vouchers often have long periods of validity which may span holidays or busy periods when you don't want to offer a discount. With Mindwarp, you choose which days you want your offer to be valid so you can direct your discounts towards slow periods, not during periods when you don't need to discount.

How does Mindwarp drive internet traffic to their site?

We advertise Mindwarp.com through printed ads on cash register receipts in  thousands of major grocery and retail stores throughout the US. In addition we use social media and other forms of internet advertising to drive even more traffic to our site. In this way we get literally billions of ads out into the hands of consumers every year.

How is Mindwarp different than advertising on Val-Pak or other coupon sites?

Other coupon site post coupons periodically which usually have far distant expiration dates. Mindwarp allows you to post, change and remove offers in a few minutes and they show up immediately. You can also program when the offer is valid(days and times) to drive business during your slow times or open time slots.

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I Saver is an exciting new feature that allows you to receive email notifications when your favorite product or service is posted in your local area. Instead of logging on to Mindwarp every day to see if your favorite product is available, Mindwarp will notify you so you can be sure not to miss out when a discount for your desired product or service is posted.

This service is optional and we don’t use your email for any other purpose except to send you the offers based on your selections. You can update your keywords or cancel at any time.
Enter a one word description of the product or service you are looking for.
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Why do you need a password?

You only need a password if you want to take advantage of our I-Saver email opt-in program where we email you offers based on your interests. When you submit your keywords to us, we will set up a user profile based on those keywords. As your interests change, you can log in to your profile and change your keywords. To ensure your privacy we require a password. You will use your email address as your username.