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I Saver is an exciting new feature that allows you to receive email notifications when your favorite product or service is posted in your local area. Instead of logging on to Mindwarp every day to see if your favorite product is available, Mindwarp will notify you so you can be sure not to miss out when a discount for your desired product or service is posted.

This service is optional and we don’t use your email for any other purpose except to send you the offers based on your selections. You can update your keywords or cancel at any time.
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You only need a password if you want to take advantage of our I-Saver email opt-in program where we email you offers based on your interests. When you submit your keywords to us, we will set up a user profile based on those keywords. As your interests change, you can log in to your profile and change your keywords. To ensure your privacy we require a password. You will use your email address as your username.